“Bears of the World” Launched

Bears of the World Logo

Sparkfire Media is partnering with Bear Trust International and renowned bear biologist Dr. Gary Alt to create Bears of the World: 8 Virtual Field Trips. This video series invites viewers–whether they are students, teachers, or wildlife enthusiasts–into the realm of scientific discovery. The world’s leading bear biologists will guide “virtual field trips” through their own research sites so that viewers can witness how groundbreaking science is conducted. The audience will be there when scientific breakthroughs are made and will see how these dedicated researchers conserve some of the rarest bears on the planet. From using the latest technologies to catch poachers, to discovering new feeding behaviors by polar bears, the projects featured in these videos will entertain as well as educate, and will show just how exciting science can be.

The primary goal of these videos is to serve as a component of Bear Trust International’s STEM lessons. Additionally, several television networks including National Geographic, PBS Digital Studios, and The Weather Channel have expressed keen interest in featuring the videos on their outlets. As a result, the videos will reach a wide and diverse audience from a single classroom of 20 students to a worldwide viewership of 30-70 million.

For sponsorship opportunities, contact Vanessa Serrao at vanessa@sparkfiremedia.net.

Polar bear photo courtesy of Dr. Gary Alt.

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