Operation Migration Video Garners Accolades

When Operation Migration posted their new promotional video, produced by Sparkfire Media, on their website’s home page, supporters and board members sent enthusiastic praise.

“Whoever did that video deserves tons of accolades. (It) shows the process from beginning to end, in an awesome heartfelt way!! Kudos! Sigh, kleenex please,” said one fan of the organization.

“Loved the website but especially the video….FANTASTIC! I will be sharing this with others. What you are doing is just beyond words!” said another.

The three and a half minute video shows the work of conservationists to rear whooping crane chicks and return them to the wild. In the 1940s the species was reduced to just 15 birds. Operation Migration has played a lead role in the reintroduction of endangered Whooping cranes into eastern North America since 2001. Using ultralight aircraft, their pilots act as surrogate parents and guide whooping cranes along on their first migration from Wisconsin to Florida.

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